Inserting data (Excel shortcuts)

April 2018

Inserting data (Excel shortcuts)

Keyboard shortcuts in this data sheet concerning the entry of data into Microsoft Excel. You'll find shortcuts to insert names, functions or data.

Insert name :

CTRL + SHIFT + F3 : Create names automatically from the labels of rows and (or) columns
CTRL + F3 : Set a name to a cell range
F3 : To paste a predefined name

Insert a function :

ALT + = : Allows you to insert a Sum formula automatically
SHIFT + F3 : Allows you to insert a function into a cell using the wizard function
CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER : To enter a formula in matrix form
CTRL + A : After typing the function name, the wizard displays the function in question
CTRL + SHIFT + A : After you type the name of the function, lets you add the necessary arguments for the creation of the office and the necessary brackets

Inserting data :

CTRL + K : You can insert a hyperlink
CTRL +, (comma): Inserts the current date
CTRL +: (colon): Inserts the current time
CTRL + ENTER : Used to insert data in all selected cells
CTRL + DELETE : Delete all text to the right of entry cursor
ALT + ENTER : To enter a new line in the same cell (wrap in a cell)
ALT + Down Arrow : Display the list of AutoComplete
SHIFT + F2 : Allows you to add or edit a cell comment
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