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Urban Terror: could not load OpenGL subsystem

Sometimes there is an issue with the video game "urban error is due to the graphics card or the chipsets. Since urban error can also take place. You can solve this problem by updating the graphics card driver or editing the file resolution - see below.


When I launch Urban Terror, the console opens on a blue background indicating this message:

CLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem


This error is directly related to your graphics card or chipset. The latter does not support the "compression engine for 3D OpenGL". Urban Terror runs with this engine. This error occurs mostly on older PCs with only average performance.

It also occurs upon the modification of the resolution in the game (unsupported by the Graphics card).


Update the graphics card driver

This is the easiest solution, (note that it is not safe on some PCs). So follow these instructions:
  • Create a restore point: Start, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore.
  • Select "Create a restore point", give it a name and let the tool work.
  • Go on MaConfig.com.
  • Click on "Start Detection" to the right.
  • Download the tool, and run it
  • On the MaConfig the site, click "refresh page". If you have a firewall, allow access to the web application.
  • Detection will be launched, if the progress bar shows a "timeout", restart by pressing F5.
  • Then click "download compatible drivers".
  • Then download the latest version.
  • Start by installing the driver for the motherboard.
  • Restart the computer and the one for the graphic card.
  • After a reboot, everything should be OK and the game should run normally.

In case of problems:

If the driver you are installing is unsupported by Windows, do not install it in order to avoid further issues.
  • Go to Start, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore, and restore your computer: select the restore point you have created before.

Edit the file resolution

It is possible that this error happens after a change of resolution in the game, and the graphics card cannot provide the necessary power. It is therefore necessary to edit the configuration file
  • Go to the workstation, local disk, program files, UrbanTerror, q3ut4.
  • Find the q3config file
  • Delete it. UrbanTerror will then automatically create a new one.

UrbanTerror optimized for small configurations

In setup, look for system
Then change
  • ColorDepht to Desktop Default
  • Texture details to Low
  • Texture quality 16-bit
  • Compress textures Yes
  • Max 60 FPS


If the game still does not work, try reinstalling it - you may have downloaded a bad version...

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