Install iMovie 1.2 on the iPad 1G, iPhone 3G / 4 without jailbre

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Install iMovie 1.2 on the iPad 1G, iPhone 3G / 4 without jailbreeak

Apple has updated iMovie is so universal and compatible with the iPad 2. This new version is not compatible with IOS 4.2.1. In that this little guide we'll show you how to make the application compatible iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch without changing the info.plist file the application. Feel free to ask questions before you start.

1. Download the new version of iMovie directly through iTunes on your Mac or PC. Enter by clicking the "Apps" and drag the application to your desktop.
2. Replace the extension. . By ipa. Zip and unzip the package.
3. Enter the folder iMovie 1.2, and then come back inside the folder "Playload" to view the file .
4. If you are on Windows go directly into the folder of, but if you're on a Mac right click the mouse on then click "Show package contents".

5. This will open a new folder with many files. Find the file info.plist , then open it with a text editor or if you are a Mac double click on it. Once inside the file, change the default values ??with those below. IF you're too lazy to make the changes by replacing our modified file info.plist :
DTPlatformBuild of 8F190 to 9Z999
DTSDKBuild of 8F190 to 9Z999
DTPlatformVersion from 4.3 to 4.2
DTSDKName of iphoneos4.3 to iphoneos4.2
Minimum system version from 4.2.6 to 4.2.1
MinimumOSVersion from 4.2.6 to 4.2.1

6.Enregistrez file info.plist , return to the folder of the iMovie application , select with the mouse the following three files: "iTunesArtwork", "iTunesMetadata.plist" and "Playload" and create a new Zip archive (by right click, then thing good option). After renaming the file. Zip. Ipa. Finally drag the new file. Ipa power in iTunes to replace the old iMovie 4.2.1 and enjoy on your iPhone.

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