Google Apps: Update Gmail and Contacts application

April 2018

Google Apps: Update Gmail and Contacts application

The manager contacts from Gmail , which was updated last summer is finally available on Google Apps. This upgrade also affects the interface of Gmail. Mail the Links, Contacts and Tasks appear directly under the logo of Gmail.

Do you find this update of the Contacts application :
  • Ability to use keyboard shortcuts.
  • Space Notes is more visible and offer more space.
  • Ability to sort contacts by last name rather than by name.
  • Creating labels (fields) custom.
  • Groups are now functioning in the same way as labels in Gmail.
  • Undo the last action (Undo).
  • Autosave.
  • Improvement of the tool "Find Duplicates".
  • Better management of contact groups .
  • Restores contacts you have accidentally deleted .

Little interesting novelty, when you create a new contact, it is now the work-related fields that are displayed by default. To activate the new contact manager, visit the administration interface for your Google Apps account:
  • On the menu bar, select "Service settings" - "Contacts".
  • Check the box to the left of "The New Preview in Gmail contact manager.

Updates on the Google Apps version of Gmail do not arrive at the same rate as the standard version of Gmail. I guess that Google uses Gmail as a laboratory, to test whether the story works well before news of the implant on the enterprise version.
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