Gmail: secure your account using the two-step validation

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Gmail: secure your account using the two-step validation

In recent months, Google Apps offers the ability to enable validation in two steps. This feature improves the security of your account. Once activated, to access your account, plus your password, you must use a security token. This feature is now available for all accounts Gmail .

To use the validation in two steps, you need a cell phone or a smartphone. Your device is used to pass the security token that allows you to access your account.

To enable validation in two steps, go into the space management of your Google account. Here, you will find "Using validation in two steps' (Using 2-step verification). Anytime you can disable this authentication.

For now, it is only possible to enable validation in two stages from the English (U.S.) Gmail. You can of course return to the French version when you have finished the configuration. The two-step validation is extremely useful, especially if you access your account from public computers.
Jean-François Pillou

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