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TrueCrypt - Creating encrypted volumes under Linux

  • TrueCrypt is a software allowing you to protect data by encrypting them.
  • Besides being stable, it available for Linux and Windows platforms.

Installing TrueCrypt

  • TrueCrypt is not available in the Ubuntu repositories.
  • Go download http://www.truecrypt.org/
  • Choose package depending on your distribution.
  • Recover the file truecrypt-4.3a-ubuntu-7.04-x86.tar.g and decompress the file .
  • Open the folder created and double-click the .deb file and click on Install package

Creating an encrypted volume

Type: TrueCrypt-c mydrive.tc  
Volume type: Press Enter  
Filesystem: Press Enter  
Hash algorithm: Press Enter  
Encryption algorithm: Press Enter  
Enter password for new volume 'mydrive': Enter the password of your choice.  
Re-enter password: Re-enter password  
Enter keyfile path [none]: Press Enter  
Please type at least 320 randomly chosen characters and then press Enter:  
Pressing random keys and press Enter. (If there are not enough characters, TrueCrypt will ask again).  
Then, the disc will be created.  

Mounting an encrypted disk

  • Create the mount point, then type:
    truecrypt -u diskTrueCrypt mountpoint
  • Then enter your password and password of the encrypted volume.
  • Example:
    • john @ ubuntu: ~ $ mkdir myfiles  
john @ ubuntu: ~ $ TrueCrypt mydisk.tc-u ~ / myfiles Enter John's or system's root password: Enter password for '/ home / john / mydisk.tc':
  • You can read and write files with
    ~ / mydisk 

Unmounting the encrypted disk

  • Enter
    TrueCrypt-d ~ / myfiles 
  • Or if you want to unmount all disk

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