Connect simultaneously under multiple Skype accounts

April 2018

Connect simultaneously under multiple Skype accounts

You have several Skype usernames and wish to simultaneously connect to each of them? Here's how.

First create an account additional Windows . Go to the Control Panel in Windows and double-click the User Accounts . In the window that opens, select Create a new account .

Enter the account name (example: Skypebis ) and click Next . Tune in to the account administrator rights and then click Create Account .

Back in the window User Accounts , click the icon for the account you just created then click the link Create a password . Enter a password and a way to remember it and then click Create a password .

Close the window user accounts . The account that will allow you to launch a new instance of Skype is created.

To start a new session of Skype , go to the directory C: \ Program Files \ Skype \ Phone and click the right mouse button on the icon Skype.exe.

Select the Run as ... . In the window that appears, select the option The following user , select your new account from the dropdown list and enter your password.

Click OK . Skype launches a second time!
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