Screenshots with the scrot command


  • scrot (refer Screen shOT) is a simple utility screenshot command line more or less same as "import" command of ImageMagic.
    • It make use of the imlib2 library, supporting many different formats.

You can get it on the Linux Breat website )tarball,rpm and srpm)


Using scrot

Example of use

sleep 2 && scrot -s -b -t 20 shot.png

Explanations :

  • -s:select a window
  • -b:select the edges of a window
  • -t [n] :creates a Thumbnail of n%

The "Sleep" command is useful when using multiple virtual desktops, and leave you in this case, the time of "switch" from one desktop to another to capture the window of your choice.

Feel free to visit the "man" for more information about the "scrot command"

Here's a screenshot (and miniature) generated with "scrot" command

Here's a screenshot (and miniature) generated with "scrot" with command line quoted above:

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