HTC Wildfire - - use a custom music as alarm

For the HTC phone user who often uses the alarm clock feature, there is a default app for the alarm clock. The android OS has less options for the ringtone. You may opt to select songs and ringtones of your choice to assign as the alarm ring to wake up to. It is easy to add custom ringtones to your phone's alarm clock. You may opt to transfer ringtones via Bluetooth or by USB. HTC allows you to connect the phone to the PC through a USB cable. Create an "alarm" folder in the SD card of the phone. Transfer and store all alarm tunes to the folder. Later, remove the SD card. As you look in the alarm application, you will find the newly transferred ringtones for selection. Similarly, for transferring Bluetooth ringtones, enable the Bluetooth connection and follow the same
instructions as for the USB cable transfer.

To make use of your custom songs/music titles as the alarm on your Wildfire, follow these steps:

  • 1. Connect your phone to your computer
  • 2. Open the "Media"folder
  • 3. Then "Audio"
  • 4. Create a folder called "Music"
  • 5. Then create an "Alarms" subfolder
  • 6. Put the music you want in this folder

In short: Media -> Audio -> Music -> Alarms

From now on, when you set an alarm, your custom music will be accessible upon clicking on the Alarm sound button.

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