MacOS - Remove duplicates in Finder

April 2018


I have a file that I've slipped in the Finder sidebar and a duplicate icon has appear . When I click on one of them it will open the file.
When I click the other ...... nothing happens.
When I right click on it it tells me "open items in the sidebar"

I've run a clean up with Onyx, but the duplicate files still remain.


Method 1:

  • Advantage: speed
  • Disadvantage: requires reconfiguring the sidebar:
    • Move the file to trash " Home > Library > Preferences ->"
    • Close your session
  • Restart your session

Method 2:

  • Advantage: removes only the duplicate icon from the sidebar
  • disadvantage: slower
    • Make a right-click the file " Home > Library > Preferences ->" menu and choose "Open with ..." and select "Property List Editor"
    • Expand the item "Root"
  • Expand the item "useritems"
  • Expand the item "CustomListItems"
  • Roll out item by item to find the one whose name matches the duplication that is to be eliminated.
  • Once the item is found, delete it by pressing the DEL key
  • I think you'll have to remove two items corresponding to duplicates
  • Exit the application "Property List Editor"
  • To the question "Do you want to save ..." answer "Save"
  • Close your session
  • Restart your session


Thanks to Ritchi for this tip.
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