Sims 3 - Configure your graphic settings

April 2018

Sim3 is not working (freeze) on a computer that meets the minimum requirements?
If you're using an Nvidia you should do the following:

1 - Open the Control Panel
2 - Open the Nvidia Control Panel
3 - At the top of the Control Panel, select "Advanced Settings"
4 - Select "Advanced"
5 - On the side menu, click "Manage 3D Settings"
6 - Change "Conformant Texture Clamp" to "Use OpenGL specification"
7 - Change "Force Mipmaps" to "Trilinear"
8 - Change "Texture Filtering - Trilinear Optimization" to "On"
9 - Change "Vertical Sync" to "Force On"

Save your new changes and it should do the trick!
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