Lenovo laptop - VMware keyboard issue

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I'm usig a Lenovo y550 with windows 7 Home premimium. I've installed VMware in order to be able to run Windows XP and since then when I press a key on my keyboard , only numbers appears. I've encountered the same problem Virtual box.


Have you checked to make sure Num Lock is not turned on inside the virtual machine, if yes go to the properties of the virtual machine and under the General tab. Look at the bottom right for "Use enhanced virtual keyboard" and either check that box or uncheck that box and try again.

If the problem persists:
  • Let's see if the "gidde.exe" program* is causing the problem with the keyboard in the virtual machines.
  • Click "Start->Run".
  • Then, type "msconfig" without the quotes in the box.
  • When msconfig opens you will see a bunch of tabs at the top of the program. Click the tab named "Startup". The programs listed here all start when your PC starts.
  • Look in the "Startup" tab for the program "C:\Program Files\SFT\GuardedID\gidd.exe". If it has a check mark in the box then it is set to run when your PC starts up. *To determine if this program is causing the keyboard problem please 'uncheck' the box.
  • Then click "OK". Then restart the PC and check the keyboard in the virtual machine.

Thanks to Bionik for this tip.

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