Hotmail - Http 400 or 404 error

Hotmail is a free e-mail service provided by Microsoft's internet network, which supports Firefox, Google chrome, Safari and Internet explorer. Sometimes, when you try to login into your Hotmail account you will get HTTP errors. HTTP errors occur in your internet browser when a problem is encountered when viewing a webpage. The HTTP 400 error occurs when the internet browser connects to the web server but the webpage is not found due to an erroneous website address. The HTTP 404 error occurs when the webpage is temporarily unavailable or the webpage itself is deleted. To avoid getting such errors, make sure that the LAN settings option is not checked in the Connection tab of your internet options.


When I try to log-in to my Hotmail account, I'm getting one of the following errors messages:
  • Http 400 or 404 error


These errors may be due to several causes:
  • You are attempting to access a page with a lot of demand: it is unavailable.
  • The servers may be temporarily unavailable
  • Your computer is in need of a cleaning, or your cache is too full
  • The page you want to open may have been deleted.

The only solution is to clear your browser settings:
  • Manually: Go to your Internet Options > Connections tab and make sure that no options is checked in the LAN Settings window.
  • Using Cleaning Software: CCleaner
  • Reset Internet Explorer.


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