Nokia X3-02: Restore to factory settings

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The factory settings of a product are the settings that were present when the device left the product assembly line. Restoring to theses settings is useful when the device in question is causing certain problems or has undesirable programmes installed on it. By restoring the factory settings one can ensure the device is back to the company recommended settings. Any other settings or programmes not fulfilling these criteria are removed. Like most mobile devices , the Nokia X3-02 has an option where the factory settings can be restoretd. This option is found under the settings menu of the Nokia phone.

  • Sometimes it is necessary to restore your mobile phone to its default factory settings. To do this with a Nokia X3-02, follow these steps:
  • Go to "Menu> Settings> Menu > Rest. fact. sett. >
  • From there you can choose to restore:
    • All
    • Settings only (this will not delete your personal data)
  • Enter your code and wait for the procedure to be completed.

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