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Sony Walkman MP4 - Switch from USB to MTP mode

Sony Walkman can be used as an external hardware using the USB mode. This mode is very helpful for syncing and transferring files from a computer. However, people using Napster may face an issue with this mode and would be required to switch from USB to MTP mode. To get around this problem one should connect Sony Walkman to the PC and find the device under USB controllers via Device Manager. One should uninstall the device and plug in the device again. The device should have successfully switched from USB to MTP mode.


How can I change a Sony Walkman from USB to MTP mode?

I recently purchased a Sony Walkman to use with my Napster subscription.

However, now tracks that I have downloaded with my Napster to Go subscription do not work as (I think) the device is showing up as a USB device rather than an MTP device. I tried performing the opposite of the steps above but Vista keeps on opening it up as a USB device.

In the properties for the portable device, the drivers are listed as:
  • WpdFs.dll
  • WUDFRd.sys

The driver software is shown as:
  • Microsoft WPD FileSystem Volume Driver.


  • Connect the device to your PC
  • In device manager look under 'Universal Seral Bus controllers', you should have one listed with the name of your walkman.
  • Right-click it and uninstall. Re-plug in your walkman and it should be back to normal.

Thanks to Nicky for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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