Matshita-DVD-ROM-UJ-850s-ATA-device doesn't read any CDs/DVDs

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You mayy notice that your Matshita DVD- ATA device has stopped working properly and has stopped reading. This error is mostly due to the "Windows" operating system not being able to load the hardware device driver for this. The device driver may be corrupt or missing. Downloading a suitable device driver from Toshiba, if you don't have the CD-ROM from Toshiba. Bear in mind that this may lead to a crash in your software or damage to your hardware. Microsoft therefore doesn't encourage users to try and solve such problems by themselves by using various sites. It is best to refer to a professional/product manufacturer and use to official CD software.


Matshita-DVD-ROM-UJ-850s-ATA-device doesn't read any CDs/DVDs and prompting me with "error 39..."


Download this fix from Toshiba

  • This will fix your DVD/CD rom (Matshita Dvd-ram UJ-850S ATA Device) - if you do not have this CD-ROM brand or a Toshiba A205-S5000 I strongly discourage you from going down this path, and call your provider instead.
  • Enter that site at your own risk - it is a registry fix.

Thanks to J-Train for this tip on the forum.

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