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GTA 4 is too slow!

Playing GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 4 is fun, but if the game is very slow, the game playing experience can be a little disappointing. After all, the faster the autos are, the more eye-catching and challenging they are! When a user come across the issue of the game being really slow, he/she can follow a few steps to improve the speed. Making some changes in the command line of the document file and saving it should do it. Once this is done, initiate Grand Theft Auto game and start playing. By doing this, GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 4 will be faster; the quality or level of the graphics might be lower.

Change the game settings

  • Open the GTA4 installation folder, wherever you have installed it!
  • Open the commandline.doc file.
  • -noprecache -nomemrestrict -norestrictions -height 1024 -width 1280 -refreshrate 75 -texturequality 0 -renderquality 2 -viewdistance 0 -shadowdensity 0

Change the line above to :
  • -noprecache -nomemrestrict -norestrictions -height 720 -width 756 -refreshrate 75 -texturequality 0 -renderquality 2 -viewdistance 0 -shadowdensity 0

Save the file and launch GTA 4.

The quality of the graphics will probably be lower as a result but the game will run faster.

For NVDIA graphic cards

  • Go to the NVDIA Control Panel and go to Manage 3d settings
  • Then turn Anisotrophic Filtering > OFF
  • and set Antialiasing Transparency to Multi Sampling
  • Antialiasing Setting to 2x
  • Texture Filtering Quality to High Performance
  • Texture Filtering -Trilinear Optimisation to ON
  • Texture Filtering -Negative LOD bias to ALLOW
  • Threaded Optimization ON
  • Vertical Sync and Triple Buffering ON

Thanks to xoxhackeR and M for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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