Install Dofus under Linux

  • For example, if the directory link for the download is set as /home/USERNAME/dofus, you should make use of the command
    mkdir $HOME/dofus

    to be able to launch the download.

  • You can download Dofus through two given methods.
  • Either you choose to get it from the link
  • Else you can choose the direct command
 cd $HOME/dofus

  • Once done, the right command in Linux to use to decompress Dofus is simple

  • Now to be able to use Dofus online, choose the web browser of your choice and use the command (if you are using firefox of course else insert the internet browser than you are using..)
 firefox file:///$HOME/dofus/Dofus.html &
  • Else you can open the browser directly and insert

    in the address bar.

  • Note: You should bearf in mind that this game with Flash. Hence, you you are having some problems with your web browser because of this, you can make use of this link that can give you some tips on how to handle this type of issue **
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