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Hiding disc drive icons in my computer

In this article, we will show you how to hide drivers icons that appear under My Computer. Note: This has been tested and works perfectly under operating systems Vista and XP. Note that, you must however modify the registry. It is therefore recommended to make up of your registry database.
  • After the back up, open the registry by Start > Run > regedit
  • Scroll to the key:
  • Add a new DWORD value: Edit Menu> New> DWORD (32bits on Vista)
  • Name the value as NoDrives and press Enter
  • Double-click on this value, check the decimal point, and prior the drive that you want to hide, bring one of the following fields in the Value data:
  • For drive A type 1
  • For the drive B type 2
    • For partition C, enter C 4
    • For partition (or drive), enter D 8
    • For partition (or drive), enter E 16
    • By multiplying by 2, we may find the data corresponding to each drive.
    • To hide multiple drives, just to the data sum corresponding to each drive.
    • To hide all drives, enter the value 134217727
  • Confirm the changes and restart your PC.

To restore your players, you have delete the value NoDrives or to assign no value to the data.
You can access your players by entering X in the address field of your browser or in the Run command.

Note: This configuration will have no effect on your personal data but will only hide players.

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