iGoogle -Creating your homepage in 30 seconds

  • In order to access the customization options in Google, click iGoogle in the upper right corner of the homepage of the search engine. The interface appears immediately iGoogle portal:

  • Since you already have a Google account, click Connect. Enter your email address and password, then click Connect. The iGoogle homepage reappears.
  • In the case that you haven't customized the interface, and that you have a Gmail account, you should see a Gmail link on the left edge of the window. However this feature is not accessible yet. You have to choose the items that in which you are interested (check in the boxes before the items).
  • You can now choose a graphic theme. Select the first because it is neutral and incorporates the type of colors supported Google. . Finally click on the button "Show your page" to open your Google homepage.
  • Under the search box, you see the message Would you show iGoogle as homepage? . Click Yes to have the homepage of the Web browser is changed.
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