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EmoDio is the software bundled with the Samsung P3 MP3 player. Samsung EmoDio, apart from being an MP3 player, is also capable of handling applications like Datacasts, firmware auto-updates, text to speech, and plain UCI downloading. Use Mass Storage Class only on Korean firmware similar to the Samsung P2. For most Windows-based operating systems, modifying the transfer mode to any type doesn't make much difference. If you are running MacOS or any Linux OS, then it is suitable to switch to Mass Storage Class and make it a storage device and transfer your music files.


How can I use EmoDio on a Mac? I have a Samsung MP3 music player and I want to connect it to my MAC.


I have bought the Samsung YP Q2 and the same thing happened to me. There's no way to run EmoDio on MacOS. The only solution is to set the device as a simple mass storage device and transfer your music files.

Go to:
  • Menu - Settings-System-PC Connection, I have two options here, you have to choose MSC.

Enter the at sign(@) on a MacBook Pro
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