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Read or write a file .IMG/ .CCD/ .Sub

.Img,.ccd and .sub are very important files if the user is trying to read or write a disc. While the .Img is the image of the CD that is burnt by the CD writer, .ccd and .sub contain other vital information about the disc. With these three files together the CD burning software has all the information it needs to either burn or read or write data to a disc. In the absence of disk drives one can use virtual disk drives to burn the image by using specialized softwares called Daemon tools.


How to read a file containing the following formats .Img .Ccd and .Sub.


.IMG is the CD image, ie a binary copy of a CD or DVD in the form of a file and .ccd and .sub contain information about the disc.
The.IMG is used by programs for burning virtual disk drives (such as Daemon tools).
In the absence of a drive, you can read the content with Daemon Tools.

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Daemon Tools

Another possible means is to burn the image to CD using a CD burning program:

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