Winamp Android - Create a playlist

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Winamp Android allows you to create playlists to group the favorite music stored on your Android device. For example you can group your songs by genre, language, artist, etc. Download and install Winamp from Android Market
  • Go to "Applications" and click on the Winamp icon
  • Click on "Playlist"
  • Press " Menu "and select" Create Playlist "
  • In the window, enter a name for the list and click "Save"
  • It shall now appear in the playlist section
  • To add songs to the playlist:
  • Go to the Winamp main screen and click on "Tracks"
  • Find the song you want to add and click and hold for a couple of seconds. In the window that opens, select "Add to Playlist"
  • Another window opens, there select the playlist you want to add the song. Follow the same procedure to add other songs.
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