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Download Torrents files without a client

Torrent Files can be downloaded easily from the internet, and to get them you need a peer to peer or P2P file sharing program. But for users who do not want to clutter their PC with such files or who do not use P2P clients, the download of Torrent Files is still possible. This process can be undertaken by two methods. From the site Torrent2exe, Torrent has to be downloaded. The file extension has to be downloaded by either choosing the SmallSize or the NormalSize option. Alternatively, through BitLet, one can get the file.

It is possible to download Torrent files without using P2P clients, such as Vuze, Bittorent and Utorrent. This can be quite useful for users who do not use P2P very often. The examples below show how to use Torrent2exe and BitLet to do this.


You can use Torrent2exe to get the executable to download your .Torrent

Note: By choosing the small size option, your antivirus may react. This is normal. If you are unable to download your file with this option, select normal size.


If you choose to use BitLet you should get this window:

You then need to save the file.

Once the download starts, make sure the PC stays powered until it has finished.

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