How to cut a mp3

It happens sometimes that your desired MP3 audio file is too big and because your favorite part of the music is in the middle, it never plays when your phone rings. To extract or cut the required part of any music file, mp3directcut is useful. Through the file menu, the MP3 file that needs to be cut can be chosen and by selecting start and end, the desired part of the loop can be created. Saving the selected section will make the track ready to play on the phone. There is a software called Cool Edit Pro that can be also used to cut a MP3 file.
Need a new ringtone on your mobile? If you have an MP3 file but it's too big and your favorite part is in the middle, you can use mp3directcut to easily extract any part of a music file.

  • In mp3directcut, go to File > Open
  • Select the desired mp3 file to cut
  • Use start and end to choose the part to keep. You can also use "Play" to listen to the selected part and verify your selection
  • Once you are happy, go to File > Save the selection and choose a location to save your file

Cool Edit Pro

You can also use Cool Edit Pro to cut portions of tracks. Cool Edit Pro is a program used to record, mix and edit songs. It can even be used to add in special effects.

Link: 2947 cool edit pro

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