Word - inverting a text (mirror effect)

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It is possible to rotate text with Microsoft Word Office software. For a mirror effect, images may have to be used. One way to do this is to write the text in a Word Document and take a screen shot of the text. To create an image of the text, the captured screenshot can be pasted onto a capture software or graphics application such as Paint. Most software allow the image to be rotated in any direction. Once rotated, the image can be copied to the clipboard and pasted to the Microsoft Word document as an object. This will invert the text in a mirror effect.

Though it is possible to rotate the text with Word (icon text box, and format/ text orientation), don't be confused, this has nothing to do with symmetry.

The solution is to insert an image with the text and invert it. To do this:
  • Write the text in Word.
  • Make a screenshot of the text.
  • Paste this into capture software such as Paint or Paint.NET
  • Depending on the software, go to the Image menu, then return / rotate. Usually CTRL + I or CTRL + M.
  • Copy the results to the clipboard.
  • Paste into Word (the image becomes an object).


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