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Word - Removing all hyperlinks

If a document is copied and pasted in a Microsoft Word file from an internet webpage, the hyperlinks usually remain in the Word document. If a user wishes to remove the hyperlinks from a Microsoft Word file, there is a simple procedure that needs to be followed. For removing a single hyperlink, the link that is highlighted in blue needs to be located and upon right-clicking it, the option of 'Hyperlink' is selected and then removed. For removing all the hyperlinks in a file at the same time, the option of 'Edit' is selected, after which the entire document is selected using CTRL+A or the 'Select All' option. When 'CTRL+Shift+F9' keys are pressed together, all the hyperlinks are removed.

When you copy/paste part of a webpage into Word, you'll most probably end up with a document containing a lot of hyperlinks:

Here's a couple of solutions to remove these links in an instant:
  • Solution 1: Removing one hyperlink at a time
    • Locate the link (highlighted in blue).
    • Right-click it, click Hyperlink, then Remove Hyperlink.
  • Solution 2: Removing all links
    • Click Edit, Select All. (or CTRL + A)
    • Then, press CTRL + Shift + F9
    • The all the links will be removed.

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