CCM - How to Insert Images in your Posts

When you open a new thread or participate in a discussion on CCM, you can edit your message using the different formatting tools available. You may also have noticed the presence of a new button, the latter allows you to insert an image stored on your hard drive, directly in your message, like this:

To use this new feature
  • In your message, click where you want to insert your image, click on the "Insert a picture" button and select the file of your choice.
  • Then click on the submit button
  • The page will reload and link for the image will be added in your message.

From there, you only need to complete your message and publish it.
  • Save your image as PNG, JPG or GIF.
  • It must not be greater than 1.5 MB
  • From your browser and go to or another image hosting services.
  • Click on "Browse" and select your image.
  • Click on "Upload" and wait while your image is uploaded.

  • In the screen that appears, copy the URL of the image, from the "direct link" filed
  • Copy/Paste this URL in your message.
  • To test that the image has been properly uploaded, Copy/paste the URL found in the Direct link field, in the address bar of your browser and press the Enter Key.

Several other hosting services exist: In your message, click where you want to insert your image.
Put Image: followed by the URL of the image, all single brackets.
(Don't leave spaces between the brackets, Image and colon)
You can limit the size of the image between single bars:

The image is displayed as it is hosted on the web, which can be very useful, for example, to integrate an animated Gif image.
These type of images will be displayed as long as they are present on the web.
  • By default, the image is aligned to the right (value|right in the end of the tag):

  • To center the image, remove the word |right:

  • To align the image on the left, replace |right by |left:

Images larger than 500 pixels wide will be systematically reduced (max: 500 pixels).
Example of an uploaded image.
  • To insert clickable images edit your links as follows:
  • You must copy the URL of the image form http to .png
  • Add symbol "[" beginning of the line.
  • Paste the URL after the "[" by removing the -s-

Add "]" symbol at the end of the tag.

This will give:
[ [Image:|500px|right]]

Note that: If you ever encounter error messages of this type:

Verify that the name of your image doesn't contains any brackets ().

In this example, the file (image) to post contains parentheses: "CONNECTING HC (HDMI 1.4 ARC)", so you must rename your file as follows: "CONNECTING HC 1.4 HDMI ARC" and the problem will not arise .
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