Samsung S3653 - Factory reset

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Some people are very comfortable with using their mobile phones and exploring new features and applications. Others though may struggle a bit more and would rather just stick to using the basic features of their mobile phones. If you own the popular Samsung S3653 mobile and wish to factory reset the Samsung S3653 password, you will be able to easily find some advise on how to do so online. Step by step help will be provided to factory reset the password and resetting the security code along with formatting the phone.


How to reset a Samsung S3653?


Please use one of the below Samsung secret codes to format your phone:

There are actually two codes you can use to reset the password. Below are these codes. Type them in the phone and this should solve your problem.

  • The security code will be reset to 0000.
  • This will allow you to format the phone easily.

Thanks to Ambuciasfor this tip.

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