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Export to PDF with PDFCreator

Export to PDF documents with PDFCreator

The export of documents to PDF universal format is done through a virtual printer.

PDFCreator. Adobe Acrobat which is very expensive.In addition to payable alternatives, there are other possibilities. PDF995,Ghostscript, PDF creator.

Make use of PDFCreator which is:
  • free,
  • opensource,
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Vista Compatible




  • Close all applications
  • Select the language used
  • Next
  • Accept the license (I understand and accept the terms of the license)
  • Next
  • Choose between the standard installation or on server
  • Next
  • Confirm the name of the virtual printer (PDFCreator)
  • Next
  • Choose the location where the application PDFCreator will be registered
  • Next
  • Next
  • Choose custom installation, complete or compact
  • Next
  • Select the name of the shortcut in the Start menu
  • Next
  • Choose additional icons (on the desktop, in the Quick Launch toolbar) and other actions (with the postscript files (*.ps), entering the menu)
  • Next
  • Install
  • Finish
  • The virtual printer is operational without the need to reboot.

Making use of PDFcreator

PDFCreator allows you to export to PDF format any kind of document(but considering that the basic appplication allow you to print the document). Therefore, if your document is a basic text, a table, a website ...., the procedure remains the same.
  • (1) Open your document with default application (*. doc with MS Word, etc ... ..)
  • (2) Go to the File menu
  • (3) Print
  • (4) Choose the virtual printer PDFCreator
  • (5) Set the options to conventional printing.
  • (6) In the dialog box that appears, specify the optional items:
    • Document Title: Title of the PDF document
    • Creation Date: Date of creation of the PDF document
    • Modify Date: Date of change of the PDF document
    • Author: Name of Author.
    • Subject: Subject of PDF document
    • Keywords: Keywords of the PDF document
    • After saving the document with the default program: Check to open the PDF document with the default program.
    • The Options button gives you various functionality
  • (7) Click Save to start the export PDF
  • (8) Specify the location where you want to save the PDF document
  • (9) The basic document is exported to the universal PDF format.

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