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Microsoft Visio is essentially a program to draw diagrams and patterns through the use of vector graphics. This function is available in both the Professional and the Standard version. The former has more advanced functions than the latter, although their interface remains the same. Microsoft Visio is, however, not a free software, but free alternatives are available. These alternatives are free or open source software and are quite useful. GraphViz, Dia, yED, Inkscape, Sodipodi, xfig, jfig, Skencil, XaraLX, Kivio and Zone Draw 3 are some of the free programs that can be downloaded. These free alternatives, however, do not have all the functions of Microsoft Visio.

Microsoft Visio is a diagramming program that makes use of vector graphics to create diagrams or patterns. It is currently available in two versions: Standard and Professional.

The Standard and Professional editions both share the same interface, but the Professional version possesses additional templates for more advanced diagrams and layouts as well as a feature allowing users to connect their diagrams to a number of data sources and display the information graphically.

Even if they do not contain all of the features included in Visio, these free alternatives can perform many of the same tasks:
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