Baldurs Gate 2 - Unable to access the cheat console under Win7

April 2018


I've installed Baldurs gate 2 on Windows 7- 64 bits and its running properly. The only problem is that I'm unable to edit the Baldurs.ini file to allow access to the in-game cheat console.


  • In the case that you have installed the game in the default directory (Program files (x86)) then you will not be able to access the cheat console (CTRL+ SPACEBAR) during the game. The only solution is to install the game in another directory.
  • First if you don't want to lose your save game, you can backup them manually.
  • C: >Users>Username>AppData>Local>VirtualStore>Program Files (x86)>BlackIsle>Baldurs Gate > Save
  • Copy the contents of the Save folder to another location and unistall BG2 and reinstall it, e.g on another partition.
  • Once done,launch the game and create a new character and Save the game.
  • This will automatically create the "Save" folder, in the Baldurs Gate 2 installation directory.
  • Close the game an transfer your save games back.

Note that:You will now be able to edit the .ini file and access the cheat console.
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