Excel/VBA - A function that returns the color of an active MFC

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This function returns the value of the active format in conditional formatting.
With the function below, two values can be returned.
Mode = 0: the value of Interior.ColorIndex
Mode = 1: the value of Interior.Color

With some changes but all other properties can be returned.

Public Function ColorMFC(RG As Range, Optional Mode As Byte = 0) As Variant  
Dim e As Long, i As Byte, LoTest As Boolean  
Dim LoMFC As FormatCondition  
    'loop depending on condition(s)  
    'if there is no MFC .FormatConditions.Count return 0  
    For i = 1 To RG.FormatConditions.Count  
        Set LoMFC = RG.FormatConditions(i)  
        If LoMFC.Type = xlCellValue Then  
        'test the type of formula entered'  
            Select Case LoMFC.Operator  
            Case xlEqual  
                LoTest = RG = Evaluate(LoMFC.Formula1)  
            Case xlNotEqual  
                LoTest = RG <> Evaluate(LoMFC.Formula1)  
            Case xlGreater  
                LoTest = RG > Evaluate(LoMFC.Formula1)  
            Case xlGreaterEqual  
                LoTest = RG >= Evaluate(LoMFC.Formula1)  
            Case xlLess  
                LoTest = RG < Evaluate(LoMFC.Formula1)  
            Case xlLessEqual  
                LoTest = RG <= Evaluate(LoMFC.Formula1)  
            Case xlNotBetween  
                LoTest = (RG < Evaluate(LoMFC.Formula1) Or RG > Evaluate(LoMFC.Formula2))  
            Case xlBetween  
                LoTest = (RG >= Evaluate(LoMFC.Formula1)) And (RG <= Evaluate(LoMFC.Formula2))  
            End Select  
            If LoTest Then  
                'Add another format if necessary,  
                'Border, font, policy etc..  
                Select Case Mode  
                Case 0  
                    ColorMFC = LoMFC.Interior.ColorIndex  
                Case 1  
                    ColorMFC = LoMFC.Interior.Color  
                End Select  
                Exit Function  
            End If  
        End If  
    Next i  
    ColorMFC = 0  
End Function

The formula:


The MFC can be with a direct or indirect value (the contents of another cell)
Ex 1 : >1 and <10   
Ex 2 : >=D10 and <=E10

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