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Mozilla Thunderbird - The winmail.dat file

Mozilla Thunderbird is the email client provided by Mozilla who are famous for their web browser Mozilla Firefox, which brought about a revolution in browsers for the internet. Sometime users may receive a message in rtf format that cannot be viewed by Mozilla Thunderbird. For this, one needs to download specialized software to decode the Winmail.dat file. To view a RTF file there is a downloadable program available which is first used to open the file. After that, the Winmail.dat file should be saved in the same location and needs to be run from the same directory.


It may happen that when you receive a message the attachment is not displayed under Mozilla Thunderbird and you have a winmail.dat file instead. This happens when someone send you an attachment in the format .rtf format, specific to Microsoft, is not supported by Mozilla Thunderbird.

Solution 1

Install the following plugin: LookOut for Thunderbird (free and open source - MPL License).

Solution 2

This software enables you to decode the files Winmail.dat:
  • Download the software Fentun on below link:
  • Then save the program to your disk.
  • Go to your e-mail and right-click on Winmail.dat.
  • Select "Open" then "Browse" to select fetun.exe
  • Then select the file in the right window
  • Click "Extract as" to select the directory record (C: \ windows \ system32).

Solution 3

  • WMDecode is another software that allows you to read .rtf format.
  • Download:
  • Unzip the file.
  • Save the winmail.dat file in the WMDecode directory.
  • Run WMDecode.

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