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If you can't open web pages with your Samsung mobile phone, then you need too check the status of your internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, then check it is enabled. If you are using GPRS and 3G, ensure the packet data service is enabled. If everything is on and working fine, but you still can't cnnect to the internet, then you will need to clear all the cache memory, web browsing history and all data forms. This should help you establish an internet connection. To clear the cache of your Samsung Galaxy S, open the Browser of the Samsung phone, press the "Menu" key and select "More". In the "Settings" option select "clear cache" and approve by selecting OK.

How to clear the browser cache of my Samsung Galaxy S?


The procedure is the same for all Android-based phones:
  • Open your web browser and press the Menu key > More Options
  • Go to settings > Clear Cache

Note that you can clear the browsing history, cookies..etc from the same menu.
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