Micromax Q75 - Unable to stream videos on Youtube

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For users who own a Micromax Q5 mobile handset and are unable to stream videos on Youtube, a moderate change in the telephony settings of the respective handset will be sufficient to solve the problem. The user needs to go to the Multimedia option from the phone menu of the Micromax Q5 handset and select the option of video player. In the video player menu, 'Network Profile' is selected from the 'Option' menu. GPRS or WiFi option is then set as the user profile. Thereafter, the profile mode is set to be user specific in the network and browser profile. When these telephony changes are made on the handset, Youtube will resume functioning.


I'm unable to stream videos from Youtube on my Micromax Q75 mobile, what can I do?


  • Go to menu > Multimedia > Video player > Options > Network profiles
  • Set your profile (GPRS or WiFi)
  • Open your browser and network profiles and select profile mode as user specific
  • Go to Youtube and it should work

Thanks to dal for this tip.

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