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Disabling security alerts under Vista

Windows Vista Operating System comes with Microsoft's Security centre. This security centre consists of some built-in protections developed to alert you in the event of security problems. Windows Security Alert is one of these protections. The Security Alert in Windows Vista checks some security-based components of the Windows Operating System. When Windows detects any security problems, you will be notified with a warning message on your screen. The problem may be an antivirus application that has not been updated, disabling of UAC, etc. If you are pestered by the multiple security alert messages then you can specify the cases in which these messages appear. To disable the alert messages, you are required to modify the registry key.

If you are annoyed by the multiple Security Alert message, you can specify in which cases these messages will appear. The trick requires a modification of the registry, then it would be wise to save it before any modification.
  • Open the Registry Editor.
  • Expand the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Security Center.
  • Modify one or more of these values (as required) by double clicking on it, and putting 0 to enable the value and 1 to disable it.

Note that: if the value does not exist, just create it (right-click an empty slot on the right window> New> DWORD (32bits)).
  • Definitions
  • AntiSpyWareDisableNotify: alert the absence of an anti-spyware and malicious programs.
  • AntiVirusDisableNotify: alert the absence of a virus.
  • AutoUpdateDisableNotify: alert disabling automatic updates.
  • FirewallDisableNotify: alert the absence of a firewall.
  • InternetSettingsDisableNotify: alert settings for Internet security.
  • UacDisableNotify: alert disable UAC (User Account Control).

Simply close and reopen the session for the changes to take effect.

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