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Folder Lock - Missing files


I had all of my files backed up in Folder lock and now it seems that most of my files are corrupted /missing.

The message displays-"BOXFILE CORRUPTED"

Is there any solution to recover the lost data?


  • Make sure the folder isn't locked. That is, unlock the folder using the software before you begin.
  • The files are generally stored in this directory: [Drive Letter]:\Folder Lock\Locker\. Make sure you are in the Locker folder before you begin. That is, open the Locker folder.
  • The files are in the Locker folder, but since they are encrypted, you can't see them. Right click inside the folder and click on Properties. Go to the Customize tab and select Videos as your template. Click Apply.
  • On your left panel, you should now see the link "Copy all items to CD". Click on it and allow at least one or two files to be copied before cancelling the operation.
  • Now identify the path where the temporary files were written. Generally, they are to be found at: C:\Documents and Settings\[Computer Name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\CD Burning\Locker\[Some Scrambled Text Here]
  • Copy the scrambled text carefully from the filepath. Now go to the Locker folder and append "\scrambled text" in the address bar on top without the quotes. Alternatively, go to Start --> Run and type out the full path and hit OK. The full path will look something like this: [Drive Letter]:\Folder Lock\Locker\[Scrambled Text]
  • Your files should be visible now.

Thanks to AD for this tip.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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