Linux - Configuring your Sagem F@st800 modem

It is not always simple to operate and configure an internet connection on Linux, when one is equipped with a USB modem. So here's a small tip:


The installation and configuration of the Sagem F@st800 have been tested on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron.

In this article you will find the installation method for the Sagem F@st800 type I, II, III, and IV (or E1, E2, E3 and E4).
Note that other ADSL modems can be installed using this method
This method also allows the use of the Live CD.


Step 1: Download

To configure the Sagem F@st800, you need the ueagle.deb package.
You can download it from another PC and transfer it via USB to the target computer

Step 2: Installation

To install the package several choices are available:

  • By double-clicking the package, if you downloaded it to your desktop.
  • The installation starts, click on "install package".

In command line by opening a terminal and typing

  • sudo dpkg -i /path/to/ueagle.deb

Step 3: Configuring the connection

Search key corresponding to the code of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the table, from this link:

Open Terminal (Applications> Accessories> Terminal) and enter the following command line

  • sudo /usr/sbin/config-dslusb KEY

An example with Orange as ISP

  • sudo /usr/sbin/config-dslusb FR09

Then answer the question displayed terminal window. Use the identifiers provided by your ISP.
Validate your choice = o (validate)

  • Login (login)
  • Password
  • Launch the ISP's Internet connection? o (OK).

It only remains for you then to wait for full initialization of the modem (both lights are on).
The modem is operational and the connection is established when all parameters are detected in the terminal window.

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