My Yahoo account has been hacked!

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Yahoo! is a search engine which offers web services including browsing the internet, social networking, sports and news information services and much more. It provides internet communication services like Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger. Your Yahoo! account is usually hacked to send spam mails to your friends and family using your e-mail address. This leads to malware and spyware when your family and friends open the mails and click on any links as Yahoo! is a trusted web service. If your account is hacked you need to change your password - if you experience a problem doing this then contact the Yahoo! Helpdesk.

My Yahoo account has been hacked!


Can someone help me to recover my Yahoo account. It has been hacked!
I'm getting this message:
Your yahoo account has been removed for your own security.


All account recovery solutions have been regrouped in this "How-to":

Good luck.
Jean-François Pillou

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