Excel - Don't display zero if result is null


I can't figure out how to get Excel to put what's in a cell to another cell if the cell has a blank in it. For example, there are cells of data that I want to copy to other sheets in the workbook. Sometimes the cells are left blank. In this case I don't want Excel to put a "0" in the cells of the other sheets. If the cell is blank, I want a blank on the other sheets as well. Not a zero because there is no zero in the master cell.


You can use the if formula.
  • <code>=IF(A1="","", Sheet2!A1) 
  • Paste this formula in Sheet2 A1 or where you need it. This will give the result of A1 if there are something in it.
  • The "","" stands for (something)</code>

Thanks to Stormdronk for this tip.
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