Excel - Remove #Value error message

April 2018


How to remove the #Value error while leaving the formula in cell?
The formula is:
  • =IF(AND(C5>D5);((A3*A4)-(12,5));IF(AND(D5>C5);((C4*C3)-(12,5));IF(AND(C5=D5);((B4*B3)-(12,5));""))) 


Try this:
  • =IF(C5>D5;(A3*A4)-12,5;IF(D5>C5;(C4*C3)-12,5;IF(C5=D5;(B4*B3)-12,5;""))) 

Then the error message "# Value!" is caused by a text input or space in your cell calculation. It's better avoid this kind of data entry.

Thanks to Mike-31 for this tip.
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