Removing black stripes from a video (16/9th format)

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Under DivX or other format, the video file can be encoded with black band corresponding to the format 16/9th. In this HowTo, we will show you how to remove same by editing the video with a tool named VirtualDub. First download and install the tool on below link:


  • 1. Launch VirtualDub
  • 2. From the File menu, click open video file (open video file) and choose the video file to load
  • 3. Select Full processing mode in the video menu, and then click Filters (filters). In the opened window, click on "Add" button (Add), select the filter "Null transform" and "Cropping"
  • 4. In the window for setting the filter, adjust settings offset (Offset) to eliminate the black bands.
  • 5. Go to audio menu and select Direct stream copy.
  • 6. Click OK then save the file by clicking on "Save as AVI (AVI record) in the File menu".
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