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CamStudio - WaveoutGetSelectControl () failed error


I am recording videos from an online source with CamStudio. When I preview of the video, there's no sound. I've tried to go to Options > Audio Speakers > Automatic Search:
I'm getting the following error messages:
  • "WaveoutGetSelectControl () failed"
  • "CamStudio is unable to detect ..... to record the sound from your speakers"


If you have any recording problem with CamStudio:
  • Check that the "Record Audio from speakers" option is selected in the Options menu.

If the above settings doesn't work:
  • Right click on volume icon (Windows taskbar).
  • Recording tab
  • Right click > Show disable devices
  • The "Stereo Mix" entry will be listed in the recording device section.
  • Right-click > Set as default.

Thanks to herman for this tip.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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