How to read an MKV file?

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Matroska, an open source format for multimedia container files, has the file extension .MKV. The MKV file or Matroska multimedia audio or video container file is similar to MOV or AVI files. The MKV file can support a wide range of different multimedia audio and video formats. DirectShow filters are required to read an MKV file. DirectShow filters are free and can be downloaded from the website. The Combined Community Codec Pack or CCCP can be downloaded from, the official website for Matroska. The CCCP enables more efficient reading of the .MKV files.
To read an MKV file, simply download the DirectShow filters on the link below:

You can also download the package on this link:

The website now offers download of Combined Community Codec Pack i.e CCCP which appears to be more efficient.

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