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Antivirus softwares for tablets (Android, iOS,..)

Antivirus softwares for tablets (Android, iOS,..)

Many people use their tablets to browse the internet, but yet most of them haven't considered installing an antivirus software. Right now, there are few viruses/malwares targeting iOS and Android, but the situation may rapidly change.

NB: Connecting an infected tablet to your PC can be risky too! Even though the viruses are inactive on the tablet, they will readily infect your PC.
This article brings together the most efficient antivirus softwares.


AVG Mobile

Kaspersky Tablet Security

A solution deticated to Android tablets




  • FSecure Mobile Security
    • http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/protection/mobile-security/overview

G Data

Buying a G Data license for your computer also give access to a protection software for your Android device.

CM Security

  • Get CodeMaster Security on Google Play.


Virus Barrier

  • Get Virus Barrier on the Appstore.

Smart Surfing by Trend Micro

  • Get Smart Surfing by Trend Micro on the Appstore.

Windows 8

  • Most of the antivirus softwares designed for Windows are compatible with the Microsoft Surface tablets. Opt for a software that isn't resource intensive.

RIM - BlackBerry OS

Sailfish OS

No antivirus software released.
Official website:https://sailfishos.org/

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