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Should Facebook be skipped by Professionals?

Facebook is one of the biggest worldwide website social networks that connects people. This website was originally created for American students and has however opened its door to the rest of the world during the year 2006.

Our preoccupation in this page is to depict where a business might be profitable and for its growth.

How can Facebook lend a hand to your enterprise?

Communicating an event on Facebook!!

First and for most, Facebook can be a very active tool for advertising a new product or a new service. Creating a page is very efficient and cost cheap for communicating an event on Facebook.

It can also be used for recruiting employees, seeking partners and looking for customers by meeting friends of friends who increases your contacts.

  • A great tool for visualizing new business and competitors through facebook application.
  • Analyzing market research through opinion, mini-surveys to review business target.
  • Publish and share pictures together with files, giving an active profile image of your company.

Advantages of Facebook

Facebook is free and easy for subscribing. Information input are easily revealed and accessed.

Mass community

Facebook is one of the most popular and fastest growing social networks, with the aim to enroll more members which can be very beneficial for your active company.

Indexing by Google

Google display pages of profiles and Facebook members. Users searching on Google the request of "your company" may access your profile and your Facebook pages from Google which increase the presence of your business on the web.

Disadvantage of Facebook

Time - Consuming
Reading RSS feeds and friends news, invitations to join groups or participate in games, sending messages, so many fun and useless applications, being the social interests of the network, are very time consuming.

Personal / Professional

It is difficult to differentiate and separate the professional and personal aspect of this network. Being your name that will be displayed and not your company name, it is actually difficult to ignore your social request.

Facebook, how it works?

Initiating on Facebook

  • First of all, go to the subscription page:
  • Go to sign up to create your profile.
  • Invite your friends to view your profile.

Create Facebook pages

Facebook attached to your personal profile, allow you to present your company. On this page you can view your news, videos, photos, groups like Facebook, your "friends" posting comments. Facebook members can even become "fan" of your page. The pages are public and accessible and also a good point for references

Creating a facebook group

Click on « New group » or become member of an existing group. The option Mutual group allows you to locate the member group of your friends.

Using Facebook application

You will find however find in all facebook application that almost all are suitable for professional uses.

Examples of professional applications

  • 1. iPromote for advertising an event.
  • 2. Friend Wheel to detect who are friends with whom.
  • 3. Business Cards and Professional Profile
  • 4. My Company's Hiring
  • 5. Web Link to insert a screenshot of your professional website on your profile.


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