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Second Sata Hard Drive Not Recognized by Windows XP

If a Second Sata hard disk drive is not recognized by Windows XP, one must ensure that the external hard disk drive is partitioned and formatted after its installation. A CD or software that came with the hard drive must be used to do this. BIOS and device manager may recognize the new hard disk drive that is installed, but Windows Explorer fails to detect its presence. For a bare disk, discmgmt.msc is typed into the command prompt where one eventually sees the graphical display of the drive in the right-hand-side of the monitor. The drive is right-clicked and the 'drop down menu' is used for the purpose of partitioning. After partitioning as a single drive it is right-clicked again in order to format the Second Sata drive.


I just installed a 2nd Sata HD on my Dell Dimension E510. BIOS recognizes the new drive as does Device Manager. But Windows Explorer and my other software doesn't see it. If I click on My Computer, it's not there.
  • I'm using XP SP3. I have 1 DVD/RW, 1 80GB Primary Hard Drive, 1 Removable USB Hard Drive, printer, USB mouse etc. Nothing really fancy.
  • I've tried the uninstall/reinstall driver routine, checked BIOS, killed my primary IDE DVD drive.


Did you partition and format the drive after installation? It will not show in Explorer until you do.

If you have a software CD that came with the drive - use it to partition and format.

If you have a bare drive then:
  • Type diskmgmt.msc in your run command
  • You should see the drive in the graphical display on the right of the screen
  • Right-click the drive and a drop down menu should give you a choice to partition:
  • You should partition it as one big partition the full size of the drive
  • Then go back and right-click again and select format

Thanks to xpcman for this tip.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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