Windows XP - Limited or no connectivity with SP3

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Users of Windows XP Service pack 3 or SP3 usually experience a typical problem of zero connectivity or limited connectivity. This connectivity issue is faced after installing the Windows XP SP3 operating system. As a solution to this problem, it is required to right click on the 'Manage' option in the 'My Computer' icon on the desktop. The 'Computer Management' option will pop up on the screen. Upon clicking the Device Manager option, all the relevant details appear on the right hand side of the Window. Then it is required to open the network adapter and open the 'NIC card'. As a new window pops up, it is required to go to the Advanced tab. Finally, select 100Mbps of Link speed or Duplex speed.


Since installing SP3, I have been experiencing limited or no connectivity.


  • Right Click My Computer then click manage
  • The Computer Management Window will pop-up
  • Click on Device Manager,: details will appear on right hand side window
  • Double click on your Network Adapter and double click your NIC card
  • A new window will pop-up: go to Advanced tab.
  • Select the Link Speed & Duplex or Speed & Duplex then 100MBps FULL value

Thanks to Vigil for this tip.

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