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FrostWire - Downloading a torrent

To download a torrent (file, OS, free application ..etc) with FrostWire:
  • Open the P2P application and click on the Search tab
  • Enter your query in the "Search Files" field (in our example, Ubuntu) and press the Enter key
  • The results will be displayed in the right pane
  • Choose the entry corresponding to your search preferences (don't forget, to check for the number of persons seeding this torrent)
  • Click on the small + button next to the entry's name
  • This shall open a new window, where you can select the files you want to download and discard the ones you don't want.
  • Finally click on the "Download Selected Files only"

  • Your download will appear in the "Transfers" section.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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